We Support Women and Their Families, Not Causes.

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Our hearts are absolutely broken with the news we received last night. One of our amazing volunteers, and Pink Heals sister, Donna, passed away. Donna has been a huge part of our organization since December 2013. Our thoughts and prayers (love and hugs too) go out to the Bartz family. Please keep them in your prayers. Rest In Peace Donna. We all love you so much. We know that you and Ereen are hugging and back together again in Heaven. We will miss you. 💗💔 ... See MoreSee Less

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Please keep the Trimmer Family in your thoughts and prayers. Our hearts are broken for our Pink Heals sister, Debbie...Michael and Logan... and their entire family. Leon, you are so loved and will be so very missed. Rest In Peace Leon. 💗 ... See MoreSee Less

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Initially diagnosed in August of 2014 with Stage 2b Breast Cancer, Michelle opted for the treatment route of a double mastectomy, followed by chemo, radiation & reconstruction. All was well and good until she found another lump in late July of 2018 and was diagnosed again that August with Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer. In the 2 years since the metastatic diagnosis, Michelle has undergone numerous radiation treatments and a few chemo protocols. She calls herself *The gift that keeps on giving!*

One of the best things to come out of her diagnosis is the adult scavenger hunt fundraiser "On the Hunt for Pink Trucks". Launched in April of 2016 with 9 teams, this fundraiser has grown to 28 teams at the last hunt in 2019! Realizing we could not pay everyone back for feeding, caring, and loving our family through the initial diagnosis, this fundraiser to pay it forward was borrowed from a friend and brought to life in Joliet. While we were unable to hunt in 2020, we are hopeful for a return in April of 2021. All proceeds of this event benefit the Joliet Chapter of Pink Heals. It's a crazy fun night of costumes, hilarious team names, some decorated cars, raffle prizes, and team placement prizes. One of Michelle's favorite awards of the night is the Spirit Stick topped with a ladybug in honor of ADDISON!

"And when you're gone, who remembers your name? Who keeps your flame? Who tells your story?" ~Who lives, Who dies, Who tells your story ~ Hamilton the Musical ~ These vehicles do. They tell the stories & keep the flames of 4 outstanding women. These vehicles are living legacies of women who made a difference, who have incredible stories, whose families who would love to talk about them and all they did to inspire others. MICHELLE's truck? Her story is still being created, and there is a whole lot left to be written!

#LiveLikeMichelle #iammorethanStageIV #thatsmytruck

Michelle Darguzis
Head of On the Hunt for Pink Trucks
Scavenger Hunt Fundraiser
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6 days ago

Pink Heals Joliet Area Chapter
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We will be pulling the ticket on FB Live at 8pm. “See” you soon! 💗 ... See MoreSee Less

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Our Mission

As the Pink Heals Joliet Area Chapter, we use the color Pink not for breast cancer but because it is the color of women! To us, it should not matter what type of illness she or her family has. We as a society have become such a caused based society, when the time has come that we all become people based. Our slogan and mission is simple.

Our Vision

Pink Heals is targeting people not diseases. Although our main focus is the fight against cancer, we are here to serve those in need, no matter the illness. We are setting the example by being a true non-profit. 100% of every single fundraised dollar stays right here in the community. We are all volunteers, even at the National level. We are truly a movement for the people by the people. We are providing an environment through the pink fire trucks that is about love and hope first and about money second. Our pink fire trucks and pink police cars inspire; they bring the feel of love and caring right to the doorsteps of those in need. We team up with the community’s local police and fire departments, show up with lights and sirens, and deliver flowers, inspiration, support, love and sometimes financial help to those in need.

Pink Heals Tour

Pink Heals National Tour

“The Pink Heals Tour” and the “Cares Enough to Wear Pink” program is about our community, our family, our neighbors, and our leaders and how it will help bring us back together to focus on our own people now, rather than on promises that were never kept, opportunities that were lost, and things that might have been. Pink will heal as long as we do it in service to our women and what they mean to us in our communities, not just because they are sick or stricken with cancer. Because if we use illness as the sole motivation for action, once the sickness is gone, so is our cause for coming together.”
Dave Graybill (Pink Heals Founder)

Our Story

Matt Fleck, a Joliet firefighter, and his wife Sandra, a market leader for Heartland Bank and Trust, were tired of writing checks to large organizations and not knowing where the money went. Sandra’s sister and mother are both cancer survivors, and they witnessed firsthand how cancer can strike. Matt and Sandra wanted to give back to their local community, and they wanted to ensure the funds went to people who actually needed help. In 2012, the Pink Heals Tour made a stop in Joliet at their request. There were over 1,000 people in attendance for the first Pink Heals Event in Joliet. The event raised $12,000, and they were able to give the earnings to a local cancer treatment center.

In January 2013, Matt and Sandra formed the Joliet Area Chapter along with Casey and Angie Caldwell, Chris Baltz, Alyssa Cicero and Dawn Bluemke. We are grateful for their help along the way!

The last seven years have been amazing. We currently have 3 Pink Vehicles, ADDISON, TINA and KRIS.  The growth of our organization would not be possible without the help of our volunteers and the amazing community support. The start of our Annual Mother’s Day Walk in 2015 has helped us continue our Mission…Spreading love, hope, hugs and support to those battling in our community. Thank you for your continued support! We could not do this without all of you!